Life Winding Here

The life I’ve led is winding

I have made plans

I have made choices

And the life I’ve led winded here

I can look back

And wonder at the path I’ve taken

The path that took me

Happy with that path in retrospect

The life that winded here

To this pleasant place

Now I am here

Now I am happy

Happy with it all

The path, the past, the present


I have choked and spat out

Unhappy options I had little choice but accept

And endure time

But winding to this place

This pleasant place

Here, now

The good path that winded here



Yet here faith and mistrust oscillate

This place so contingent

This pleasantness

So easily brought to ruin, potentially

And the future a guess at best

Not even

There is yet faith, growing faith

Trusting that it’s all going to be all right


Thinking back

On a life lived long and well

In expectation of life yet to come

Probably long life

As life now

As life was

Will be

To wind to another tomorrow


A Life

There was me

Me getting by

And that’s about it

Just getting by


Then there was life

And that life was you

Is you


Life now

Living now

Loving now

Loving life

Loving you


Even alone, you are in my life

Even in pain, want, struggle

Your pain, want, struggle

My pain, want, struggle

I live, have life

Have a life

Have you


In success, accomplishment, happiness

Yours or mine, yours in mine, mine in yours

I live redoubled

Love redoubled

Love life

Love living

Love you

I Was It

I was in a slick city

I was slick

I was where it’s at

I was it

I did the right things

I said the right words

I was biting, sarcastic, cynical

I thought the right thoughts

I was an atheist

Body and Soul

There’s a lot of talk about

Skin, hair, fingernails, clothes

A lot of talk, business, money

Skin, hair, fingernails, clothes


Then there’s mind and soul

Feelings, lusts, affections, joy

Thoughts, truths, reasoning, wisdom

Not much talk about this

Life Is

“You’re going to have a hard life,”

My boss told me, in my 20’s

I’ve had dreams crushed, my heart broken

But who hasn’t

I’ve lived impoverished a long time

I didn’t feel it as a Harvard student

When I got my Ph.D.

I was worse than impoverished, deeply in debt

And I felt it

I’ll likely never get out of debt

I wrote and published a book

When I was poor

I lowered myself to begging a few times

Was relegated to the back seat of a lot of cars others owned

All the while I played and wrote music, poetry, lyrics


Some people live a comfortable life

To them, a good life

But shit happens, even to them

Some people are rich and complacent

Some people are very rich and dedicated to acquisition

I have known a few years of comfortable middle-class

And bought expensive art prints

A piano, an amp, guitar

A couple crystalline rocks

I travel places with my partner


My life has been hard at times

And I have known accomplishment, and contentment, and bitterness

I have no regrets

A Ruffle, a Whim, a Whine

Mine is a generation of relations

That don’t stay

Separation, reunion, broken connections

Together today

Tomorrow away

A ruffle, a whim, a whine

Is enough to sunder sacred institutions


For better, for worse

In good times, in bad

These used to be lasting words

And couples stayed, sad or glad

Relationships weren’t just a fad

A ruffle, a whim, a whine

Didn’t amount to a curse


We’re too concerned with self-fulfillment

Too accustomed to our own way

Too comfortable independant

Unwilling to give others their say

In a world without sacrament

A ruffle, a whim, a whine

The basis on which our hearts are lent


I remember a time

When most of the world was older than me

It seemed much of what I did

I was inexperienced in, it was all new to me

Now much of the world is younger than me

I know what I’m doing, and I’ve seen it all

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