Inscribed Memories by David Fekete


Watching, I muse on the flirtatious waitress
Waiting on tables like I wait on time:
Paying my necessary dues to work at hand--
Expecting time to pay me my due sum.

        But time stiffs those who wait.
        We count our misgivings too late.

Given birth like a digital clock
Without instructions, numbers pass
Unsignified--unless we wake by some shock,
Shook, we wonder when we thought to pause

       In efforts to want a time to last
       And yielded to work at hand time we
               regret as passed.

Inscribed Memories

Price: $15.00 Paperback, 84 pages

Inscribed Memories is a collection of poems that range from metaphysical to emotional–love poems, spiritual poems, reflections, contemplative, and critical/theoretical. The poems are easy to understand, and vary in form: strict rhyming verse, free verse, sonnets, blank verse. Inscribed Memories will make you feel and think. Books may be ordered here.

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