Mental Health

An exceptional individual with bipolar disorder, Dr. Dave is a sought-after speaker and advocate for mental health issues. He has spoken at international, national, and local conferences, and published in scholarly journals and popular print media in the field. He has worked in the mental health field as a member of several treatment teams. Hear his inspiring story!


“Bipolar stories need to be told right.” Edmonton Journal. Thursday, November 29, 2012. C9.

“How I Quit Being a ‘Mental Patient’ and became a Whole Person with a Neuro-Chemical Imbalance: Conceptual and Functional Recovery from a Psychotic Episode.” Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Vol. 28, No. 2, Fall, 2004. pp. 189-194. Reprinted in: Voices of Recovery. Sue McNamara, Ed. Boston: Boston University Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 2009.

“Radical Reformation.” The AA Grapevine. November 1997. 26-31.

Manic Depression: Eclipses of Mood. Printed by NAMI of Collier County, Naples, FL, 1996.

Work Experience.

2005-2006 Life Coach: Florida Self-Directed Care, NAMI of Collier County, Naples, FL.

May 2000-December Peer Specialist: Florida Assertive Community Treatment 2005 Team. Fort Myers, Naples, FL.

Seminar Presentations.

April 8, 9, 2015: “Personal Journey with Bipolar Disorder.” MHCC Headstrong Youth Summit, Edmonton, Alberta.

January 20, 2013: “Living with Bipolar Disorder–Treated and Untreated.” Talk given at Mental Awareness and Health Initiative Seminar. University of Alberta.

May19, 2005: “Hard Facts for Functioning Consumers.” Twenty-First Annual Assertive Community Treatment Conference. Tampa, FL.

June 4, 2004: “The People Speak: Peer Specialists and Service Recipients Talk about What Has Been Helpful, What is not.” Panel Discussion, A Conference for FACT and Community Mental Health Providers, Individuals Receiving Services & Family Members. Orlando, FL.

September 4, 2003: “Contributions of a Peer Specialist to a FACT Team: A Unique Perspective.” Florida Council for Community Mental Health Annual Statewide Convention. Clearwater Beach, FL.

June 26, 2003 “Common and Unique Qualities of the Peer Specialist Role in PACT.” Panel Presentation, Nineteenth Annual Assertive Community Treatment Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

June 3, 2003: “Peer Specialists—Maintaining Focus and a Consumer Perspective: Comparing Roles and Strategies.” Panel Presentation, Second Annual FACT Conference, Orlando, Florida.

April 14, 2004, October 8, 2003, April 16, 2003, October 23, 2002, and April 23, 2002: “A Consumer’s Perspective.” Case Management Inservice Sponsored by Department of Children and Families, District Eight. FL.

November 10, 2001: “‘Mental Illness’ Is Physical.” Florida NAMI State Convention. Orlando, Florida.

June 22, 2001: “How I Quit Being a ‘Mental Patient’ and Became a Whole Person With a Neuro-Chemical Imbalance: Cognitive and Functional Recovery From a Psychotic Episode.” Seventeenth Annual International Assertive Community Treatment Conference. Grand Rapids, MI.

September 21, 1999: “The Impact of Bipolar Disorder on My Life.” Occupational Therapy Class. Florida Gulf Coast University.

October 22, 1998: “Manic Depression: Eclipses of Mood.” Florida NAMI State Convention. Cocoa Beach, Fl.

October 3, 1996: “Beyond Stereotypes of Neuro-Chemical Imbalances.”1995 Proclamation Before the Collier County Board of County Commissioners. Collier County, FL.

March 15, 1995: “Reintegration into Society After a Psychotic Episode.” NAMI of Collier County Seminar, Naples FL.

November 1, 1994: “The Role of Nursing in a Psychiatric Hospital.” Nursing Class. Edison Community College.

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