Spirituality - David FeketeDenominational Education:

1986. Swedenborg School of Religion: Special Diploma, Swedenborg and Western Culture.

Work Experience:

June 2014-Present President: Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action. Edmonton, AB.

October 2006-Present Ordained Minister: Church of the Holy City; Edmonton, AB. www.edmontonholycity.com

April 2009-April Adjunct Instructor: Swedenborg House of Studies, Pacific School of Religion. Courses, “Introduction to the Gospels.” “A Survey Of the Old Testament.” “Fostering a Personal Relationship with God.”



God is universal; Our understanding of faith is local.” Edmonton Journal. Saturday, June 27, 2015. p. F14.

“Silencing prayer allows just one voice: All faiths should be represented in City Hall.” Edmonton Journal. May 2-3, 2015, p. G12.

“And Lo! Swedenborg Is the Angel Sitting at the Tomb: William Blake’s Complex Relationship with the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.” The Messenger. Vol. 237, No. 3. March 2015. pp. 33, 40-41, 43.

“Peace on earth is a universal human hope.” Edmonton Journal. Saturday and Sunday, November 22-23 2014. P. G14.

34 publications in Denominational Journals.

The Struggle and Ecstasy of Living Spiritually.  New Jersey: Lulu Press, 2014.

Seminar Presentations:

June 20, 2015. “Swedenborg, not Smorgasbord: Choosing a Religion amid Interfaith.” Celebration of Light Retreat. Strawberry Creek Retreat Centre, Edmonton, Alberta. The Northern Light Rosicrucian Pronaos, AMORC.

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