My world unravels now you are away
Your love is away; nothing embraces me
Trust fails around me and sincerity
Our love’s sanctuary is gone today

I’m a stranger lost in language games
I miss the meaning others fail to say
Who don’t remember me from yesterday
My social life comes down to merely memes

The world that is your singular, sure voice
Fractures in a plural mixed up sound
I lose my footing, stagger on shifting ground
Our duet drowned out by static noise

I learned the story of Tristan and Isolde
When all I did alone in school was read
They lived in love’s cathedral, love their creed
And so we lived so long our love will hold

My mind rehearses thoughts of you like a song
And all my memories join in harmony
Although apart, I feel you here with me
And I’ll be with you there however long


Indoors we sit

And try to make sense of it

We go out for walks

And make do with telephone talks


We try not to see others as a foe

They could be a carrier, though

And so we keep safe distance

Whenever others are in our presence


We wait it all out in isolation

While this crisis saps our motivation

I try to read, write, and be productive

But make little progress in my efforts to be active

Day melts into day in mindless stupefaction