So many people want

Life to be sweetness and light—

In fact, saccharine sweet delight.

The eventuality of death repressed

As consciousness sleeps into unconscious;

Care only for affairs here comprises awareness,

Carefully, fearfully forgetful of death’s despair: the buzz-kill.

Others preoccupy themselves with

The eventuality of death and

Dour and gloom diffuse through a joyless disposition, joyless life.

Some say a middle way makes of life what it is

Neither blind nor dark

Enlightened by the happiness we find now, by knowing.

To me meaning is in passionate undertaking,

When in all one takes on the stakes are mortal:

The joy in work, creation, recreation, the music we hear

The clothes or jewelry we wear.

The footfalls we leave behind us, remain in us

Walking into time today; waking in time


Death and the Harvest Cycle and Family

Family and the land

And death and the harvest cycle

Farms ad family farms and neighbors

Dinner and grandparents and daughters and their sons

And friends, beloved ones

And love and connections and community

And communities and the land

And death and the harvest cycle


Hand-hewn beams of a hundred-year-old barn

Abandoned, unused, left-over straw

A graveyard, a tombstone, names of the deceased and living

Winter, fields harvested, mud and corn stubble

Lunch and new connections

And family and meeting parents

A hundred-year-old church

Now a theatre and art gallery


An abandoned farm house

A new condo and a senior manor

Change and death and new beginnings

Meeting new people and new family

Renewing old connections—teachers, family friends

And the land and family farms

And the harvest cycle and death and family