Atheism, the Greek alpha privative applied to God
A simple letter that would negate
The Word
Fashion has that apparent privative power
Belief is hard come by these days
In my day I’ve dallied with atheism
More as an academic posture, professional pose, poseur’s profession
Impressed by express academic probity, I professed an inculcated cultus
Grew unprofessional regarding the confession of God,
Like professors I grew to like, I grew like
Fashion dressed up as sophistos
Quite unlike my younger years, when I didn’t know
In my gut
I didn’t know and I don’t know now,
I believe
It’s hard to keep faith in mind and heart and life
In my gut
With a thinking mind, overthinking, ubermentation
Entertainment of doubts
It’s quite a thing to believe in things unseen
Unseemly, out of fashion
In fact, a factitious cultural cult
As if my mortal soul would matter as does a hemline
Lifeline to eternity the believing mind, heart, life.

God whispers

Aethereal evidence
A veritable mass of evidence opened upon open-minded assent,
Heaven sent, yet evidence, still solipsistic criteria,
I cry tears in this wilderness, this wildness
This worldliness, this world view, this zeitgeist, the spirit of this age
The Spirit and Words that give life
Life in a time and place in which belief is optional
Words, Spirit, life, script for acting good, scripture
Inscribed on the heart, covenant, conformity to script, solipsistic criteria
Information for theological formation not Positivist logical formulation

God whispers

I hear upon open-minded assent, prior ascent, priority assent
Ascent out of that which is for this world alone
That which Is
That which makes this world
My faith in a doubt-filled world, the denial of the world, other world

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