In the chemistry lab
I have observed solids
Precipitate out of solutions
Flaking out of liquid

Watched many different precipitates
Float down, materializing solids
Emerge out of dissolved
State into solidity, precipitate

And snowflakes are precipitates
When supersaturated air chills
Water crystalizes into solid
Flakes lilting in air

Beautiful, floating, dancing swirls
Render in me peace
Watching out my window
The delicate descending snowflakes

Just a chemical precipitate
Like any other solid
Flaking out of solution
In the chem lab

Depending on the eye
What will be seen?
Snowflakes, called a precipitate,
Crystalline flakes dreamily falling

Drifting flakes’ floating beauty
Chemical equations possess beauty
Conceptually considered intellectual beauty
Reflecting the flakes’ beauty

Not that magical spell
Snowflakes cast on me
Watching out my window
Through my peaceful mind