I paint with words the colors of my moods

In language, I play the notes of my soul

With nouns and verbs, I construct structures of meaning

The script that is scene and act of my life’s issues

And if I am true, my words are yours

Poetry that is about language only

Means nothing to the ages

Word play, alliteration, assonance, rhyme and rhythm

Are scholastic toys unless vehicles of meaning

When dancing language denotes reality

Poetry is loved and lasting

How A Poet Says Goodbye


Words can be music if spoken

Sonorous sentiment

Words, the substance of

Lexicons, dictionaries, etymologies


Words are rigorously attached to their definitions

Meanings, less so

Words can trace back into a vacant etymology

Meaning detach from word

Attachments, words

Weak modes of connection

Breaking under the strain they must carry


Time together spent silent

Conjoining time

Left to language

Lexicons, dictionaries, etymologies

Definitions, music, meaning


The substance of drama

Scripted language

The extended moment together

Sharing a single script together

Comedy or tragedy

Ribaldry, betrayal

The curtain comes down

Bringing the play to its quietus

Each returns to private discourse

Departing from the play

Fiction for fact

What was made

Left lifeless

The text closed.