Coleridge smoked dope and wrote about Xanadu

At times I think Key West is Xanadu

And that Xanadu and Key West are a human mind.

The waves pass through the dock pylons.

An avalanche of cocaine hasn’t turned America into poets.


Plato loved the stars for an unchanging eternal pattern

I might hate them for that but they are beautiful.

The tide flows like the stars, but the sea is different.

The sea could never be unchanging, but it is always the sea.

Key West is of the sea and not the stars.


The Greeks made forms for the stars spattered against the deep.

They gave us Orion and Cygnus and the Serpent around the pole star.

The serpent has potential

I’ll bet Chinese make different groups.

I’ll bet every culture has to make groups.

The stars are a scary randomness.  Not like the sea.

The sea is unchanging and always the sea.

Key West is like the stars and like the sea.

The waves pass through the dock pylons.


The sun had left to darkness the reflecting sea

And the sunset gave the night to you and me

That we watched from the harbor,

The masts’ rigging weaving an arbor

Of love.  The night yielded up silhouettes I cared no longer to see

While I gazed on you in the harbor glow.  Some moments suffice for eternity


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An Olding Man in Key West

I was a young man

Visiting Key West

When first I looked into


I didn’t understand a word of it.

But I was a young intellectual

Being an intellectual

In a place with a literary history


In Key West then, there were many young

Old hippies, tradesmen, college students



I came back an holding man


Now I understand much

Most of it

And I am an holding man with

Intellectual inclinations


Coming back to Key West

Old memories barely triggered

But after a couple days

I remembered much


But in Key West now, there are families

A resort town

Tawdry tourist shops or high end

No local hand-crafts

I don’t see so much partying

But I am holding now,, and don’t party.


Though Stevens didn’t think much of Nature

In Key West now

There is the same lush vegetation

Palms, mangroves, tropical brush

And the blue-green sea is the same

The same