Bodhi Dharma meditated in front of a wall for nine years

I worry because I haven’t seen Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Nor am I current in some things that count; I have not what I should have

And what counted for Bodhi Dharma? What should he have had

In his meditation during nine years in front of a wall

OK, so his culture was different

And meditation counted, counted maybe as much as

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, a Lexus, what I should have

Bodhi Dharma aspired to a Shaolin Monastery, anyway

What Bodhi Dharma should have did not count to the Shaolin Monastery

I won’t say I want a life in which having does not count at all

But I will say I want a touchstone for our culture to scrape against

A touchstone to scrape against to evaluate our culture’s metal

I sure hope that Borat Subsequent Moviefilm will not scrape as gold

But I do fear that owning a Lexus would

Various and diverse ideologies coexist in the freedom our culture prizes

Meditation, a Lexus, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm coexist, compete as treasures of our hearts

Even in Christianity, having has infiltrated, called the prosperity gospel

With Jesus a mendicant and the gospel no one can serve God and mammon

And I am no mendicant, and I have not watched Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Episodic prayer and meditation, episodic piano, and episodic happiness on a good day, I have

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