People and Places and Time and Times

My friends from Boston are in their early 20’s

In my memory

They will always be in their early 20’s

As I will never see them again

Good times

My friends from Virginia will always be in their late 30’s

But for one I remain in contact with

I will never see them again

Impoverished and bitter, then, ambition

Florida was (only) thirteen years ago

And I’ve been back several times

So one would say their friendship continues

My musician friends in Edmonton know how it was here, is now

Club owners, evolution of clubs, live venues that closed

Band members from so many years ago—still in town—

Occasionally regrouping to play for a night or two

In with the locals

Me, an outsider

With all those ways and customs I assimilated,

Left, learned again

Tore away from

My last stand, here

This city home to one million

Chinese, Lebanese, Africans, Indigenous

Those who grew up here

Those like me

Here, tired of new ways, places, my last stand

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