The Wheel of Fortune

Blown away by the blues licks of

John Watkins–he played with

Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, and Willie Dixon

Played with

Here he is in a blues bar in my small city

Played with

I think of Darryl, my friend, he played

Arenas with Frank Zappa, Earl Klugh

Now eking out a living playing cruise ships

Played with


The wheel turns–turns for all of us

A wheel in a wheel, in a wheel

There is a big wheel turning the world

We each of us turn in our small wheel

I was up–oh, I was up

My wheel spun off the axle and crashed

Oh, I crashed

It wasn’t a matter of riding high and falling low

I crashed

The big wheel swung me up onto my feet again

The beneficent big wheel

I’ve been riding it upward for years

And my small wheel is turning me towards prosperity

I’m not expecting it to crash

But who does?


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