Music and Mysticism

When I was young, and contemplating my career path, I was deeply involved in music.  My first inclination was to pursue a musical career.  But there was another Voice calling me.  Equally powerful as was music, I heard a call to professional ministry.  I talked with accomplished musicians who told me they, too, had considered priesthood or ministry.  Many other musicians I knew had mystical leanings.  Ultimately, I followed the Voice calling me to ministry, protecting my other love in my own private world.  I say that I protected my other love because I didn’t have to answer to anyone about my music–not music professors, not producers, not popular taste, no one could interfere with my artistic freedom.  Now, I’m making public my private world with a CD of my original compositions.  This disk brings to the public my private world, and echoes back to the road I didn’t take—at the time.

After five years of ecstasy, agony, anxiety, peace, conflict, community, connections, sadness, happiness, grief, joy, and money, my CD is ready!  Some of this city’s best musicians play on it.  It has vocals, horns, real strings, real rhythm section, me on keys and a vocal.  From my heart to yours:

I hope that you enjoy this work of soul.

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