When Politics Used to Bore Me

Politics used to bore me.  In the past, I would rather watch old, mediocre movies like, “I Killed Rasputin” than listen to presidents or congresspersons hold forth on public policy.  Now, however, I find politics more entertaining even than good movies.  I have MSNBC on all the time, and am thoroughly entertained.  Politics in the Trump era is a real reality show that is more riveting than those reality shows drummed up by Hollywood.

Trouble is, I watch with a kind of unholy glee.  I like MSNBC because of their relentless Trump bashing.  Deserved.  All that MSNBC televises are facts that Trump himself utters, his tweets, his spoken word, his policies.  Trump calls this “fake news,” but his own tweets and speech are there to read or hear.  But it is not my best trait to loiter amid disgust and revulsion over Trump.

I long for those days when politics bored me.  I look forward to a new congress and a new president who will occupy their time and energy with the public good.  I want a president I won’t have to listen to because I trust his or her integrity, applaud their vision, and have confidence that they are serving the public good according to their own vision.

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  1. MillennialMerit
    Jan 31, 2018 @ 02:15:41

    When politics is at its most exciting, we should be at our most fearful. It really is like a reality T.V show, but we’re the ones who get ‘voted out’ if everything goes wrong.



    • davidfekete123
      Jan 31, 2018 @ 02:22:21

      You’re absolutely right. I didn’t like some presidents, but was never as stupefied by it all as I am now. My unholy glee could easily turn unhappy for me or for the country I love.

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      • MillennialMerit
        Jan 31, 2018 @ 02:44:47

        Boring leaders usually get the most done. They’re more concerned with their work than appearances or tweeting.


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