Trump Doesn’t Have the Reality Stone

In “The Avengers: Infinity Wars,” Thanos is killed.  But since he has the Reality Stone, he can make reality be whatever he wishes reality to be.  So he changes reality into one in which he doesn’t die.  I think that’s how it went–the film was pretty complex.  But with the reality stone, Thanos can turn reality into whatever he wants it to be.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the reality stone.  But he thinks he does.  Donald Trump thinks that whatever he says is real.  But he says a lot of things that are contrary to fact.  The Washington Post has recorded–and verified–3,000+ lies Trump has uttered since taking office.  Some of Trump’s lies are manifest because we actually have him on film saying one thing and then the opposite on another date or time.

Trump’s small base follows Trump’s into Trump reality.  So they, Fox News, and Trump himself are in a reality bubble that Trump has created.  We 60% who are not in Trump reality, but are in real reality, see this.  This is like the Buddhist Saints who saw Vimalakirti roll the earth into a ball but those on the earth who didn’t have enlightened vision couldn’t see it.  We who are not in Trump reality, are able to see real reality and can see Trump’s alternative universe as the small, Phantom Zone he makes up that it is.

People who are Trump supporters will not like this post of mine.  But I am simply stating facts, and a metaphorical comparison to Marvel Studios, DC Comics, and the Vimalakirti Sutra.  Facts do exist, and they are not the statements which create that Trump reality bubble.  It is we who have the Reality Stone, not Donald Trump.


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