I Don’t Need Your Help

Businesses today are trying to control us and numb our minds.  I believe that their goal is to turn humans into mindless zombies who will do whatever big business wants us to do.  Buy what they want us to buy.  Consider the following,

When I call my local pizza shop, I can’t order what I want until I’ve heard all the specials that they push on me.  What they want me to buy.  All I want to do is call my pizza store and order a medium pizza with pepperoni and onions.  But the pizza store wants me to order the exact same thing I ordered last time, to order their specials, to push a bunch of buttons on my phone, and its a real labor to get a medium pizza with pepperoni and onions.

Back in the ’70’s, I had a stereo receiver that had a graphic equalizer on it.  That means that I could boost, say, the high and low end, or the middle range, or any combination of 7 frequencies at will.  Now, I have to plug in a strange mike while the receiver emits a series of whoops and tweets and move this special mike to 6 different places in the room so that the receiver can make the necessary adjustments for the perfect sound for my room.  But there is a commentator on CNN who always has too much bass in his voice, and I want to lower the bass to equalize his voice.  And a lot of commercials play these low tones really loud because of the fashion of contemporary music, and, again, I’d like to dim the bass response.  But even if I brought out the strange mike and went through the procedure, I believe that the sound would be the same because that’s the way the network sends out their signal.

When I rent a new car now, I have to read the user’s manual to turn off all the new controls that the car has built into it.  I go to back up and then there is beeping and alarm bells that go off if a car gets too close.  Even if I see the car, and know it isn’t too close.  Or when I’m parking, alarms go off when I get close to the curb, which I want to do.  Or on the highway, if another car invades my car’s space another alarm goes off, startling and distracting me.  So while I’m driving these alarms start going off, which I don’t even know what some of them mean, and the result is that I’m distracted and my concentration is shaken by these safety features.  I can’t even use my iPod in some cars, because of Bluetooth technology, which my iPod doesn’t have, and the new cars don’t have an input for a cable, which my iPod requires.

All I want is the freedom to order my own pizza, adjust the dynamics of my own sound system, and to get into a car and drive, listening to my favourite music on my iPod.  That’s the way it was before technology made my life harder and harder with every new advance.  So here’s my message to today’s businesses: “I don’t need your help.  I’m your worse nightmare–a man with a mind of his own.”


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Daedalus Lex
    Nov 01, 2017 @ 14:20:38

    Or how about a phone that just makes phone calls 🙂



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