Obscenities and Social Norms

Had an interesting experience watching a rerun on one of my cable TV channels.  This channel found certain swear words objectionable so they edited them out of the soundtrack.  So you would hear these abrupt short silences when the characters would say a certain expletive.  But not every swear word was censored.  There seemed to be only one obscenity that the network don’t like: f**ck.  OK, that is an objectionable obscenity.  But what interested me was the swear words that they did allow.  In particular, the network allowed G*d d*mn.  To me, that obscenity is worse.  It breaks the second commandment (of the 10 Commandments).  Put in the strongest terms, uttering that obscenity is a sin.  Now the other word is bad, but doesn’t violate any religious commandment that I can think of (I could be wrong).

Is this a statement about our world?  The network allows us to hear an obscenity that is a clear violation of one of the 10 Commandments, while it won’t allow us to hear a word that demeans sexuality.  I think that the station has its priorities misplaced.  Or is society so secular now that religious issues no longer matter, while sex does.  A further point about society and bad language.  Everybody says that things they don’t like suck.  But the origin of that word is a sex act.  But nobody thinks about that, or cares.  But every time I hear it, I do.